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Better Than Revenge

Better Than Revenge

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Alexandria Michelle By TheFlamingPopsicle Completed

Christian Ryder may be seen as a heartthrob by the majority of the world's female population, but to Sophia Hastings, he might as well be the newest addition to the gorilla exhibit at the zoo.

Sophia is a young, aspiring actress with big dreams who swears having to work with Christian Ryder wouldn't be worth all the fame in the world. Christian is a cocky womanizer whose world is turned upside down when he realizes his new leading lady just so happens to openly hate his guts. Is it even possible for Christian and Sophia to learn to get along long enough to make a movie, or will hatred, scandal and childish games destroy their careers? 


My eyes widened and I randomly exclaimed, "Oh, my God!"


"Christian, thanks to you, I now understand what people mean when they say you're dark and handsome!"

Christian looked smug. "I knew you would eventually." 

"They mean that when it's dark, you're handsome!"

The smug look on his face disappeared. "I hate you."


Contains some spoilers to Kidnap My Heart.

bookarethebest bookarethebest a day ago
My friends dragged me to see this sad movie in the theaters and when it got to the sad part I was cracking up while everyone else was crying. It was really funny. Hehe. Told them I shouldn't have gone
BananaBunny999 BananaBunny999 18 hours ago
And also the type I like to execute! Hehe! *twirls axe* Too soon?
BananaBunny999 BananaBunny999 18 hours ago
I do live under a rock. How did you know? 
                              *pulls hood over face and disappears into shadows*
                              *trips on the pineapple*
                              DARN YOU PINEAPPLE
lady_knight123 lady_knight123 4 days ago
She's a white girl. Her chances are great. She should try being a minority and see how much harder that is....
_ultra_vi0lett _ultra_vi0lett 6 days ago
You know what really bugs me? Sometimes the only reason why people get as popular as they do is because they just happen to have an attractive face, but they actually have no talent. And those that are talented and smart don't get a chance because they're not good looking or whatever. So unfair
Socks1628 Socks1628 4 days ago
I swear I snapped my neck last time I had to sit at the front