avengers preferences / one shots

avengers preferences / one shots

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bleu By babemaximoff Updated Feb 14, 2017

including; loki, thor, bruce, clint, pietro, bucky, steve and tony.

warning; some may includ smut.

btw i do not own any of the avengers characters nor do i want anyone to assume i do.

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slashs_snakedick slashs_snakedick Mar 10, 2017
Oh ma god this is me I have family from so many different places and watch British youtubers ,1d,and 5sos so much I've picked up bit and pieces of accents
itsnotlizzy itsnotlizzy Jul 07, 2016
heh i do this. when i first met my friend sophie, she's british, i asked her where she lived in england and she said near london. so i replied, 'oh near london.' in a british accent without myself even realizing. i realized after and was like oh shît, shes going to think im so weird.
larinfob larinfob Feb 11, 2017
Me everyday. And when I get anxious I go into a British/Scottish mix
margotdaisy margotdaisy Mar 23, 2016
Dude I actually do this. I can speak French, German, and Russian and if I stay with one language for too long it rubs off on me.
tacticiangrima666 tacticiangrima666 Mar 29, 2016
Lol my name is Jane so I'm like "wow how nice that I have a friend with the same name as myself"
Haylie_Marie_ Haylie_Marie_ Jan 15, 2016
I just laughed out loud alone in my room. Thankful that I am not with my family cause they would think I'm crazy... They already do but it this would make it worse. Love this part! Your writing is great! Keep it up! I love the story so far 😄