Monster Mate

Monster Mate

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Roxana By IronFey123 Updated Apr 15

Juilet Heart is the most kindest person you'll ever meet. She likes to be positive energy and help out when ever wanted or needed. She has lot's of love from her family and friends. But... in one night it's all ripped from her.
Ace Carter is most coldest person anyone has ever know. They say he wasn't always like this. But when his pack went to war his parents the Alpha and Luna were both murdered. 
  Now he has one goal. To kill his parents killers. 
Thing is his mates parents are the ones who killed his. So does he forgive them and learn to love their daughter? 


Juliet is inslaved and forced to be an omega. Used for the Alphas 'needs' and to carry his pups.

After 10 years of beatings, rape and child birth Ace finally see's his wrongs. Will Juliet forgive him? Or move on and try to find happiness?

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