Luffy's Attempts(Suicidal)

Luffy's Attempts(Suicidal)

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(Btw slightly ZoLu)

*Luffy's dream*
2 years ago, at marine ford, luffy's and ace were about to escape, when all of a sudden Akainu comes towards Luffy. Ace saw this happen and ran for him. By the time Akainu came with a powerful punch with magma, it turns out Ace was the one who was punched, Akainu's fist piercing through Ace. Luffy saw this and looked at Ace in suprise, watching him coughing up blood. Luffy's vision was getting cloudy from all of the tears in his eyes. As Akainu takes out his hand from Ace's body, he let's the limply body down. Luffy still remembers his last words. "Thank you, for living me."

*10 am*

Zoro came into the men's room mumbling "stupid curly eyebr-" and saw Luffy on the bed shaking slightly, tears in his eyes, and mumbling. Zoro was wondering what is happening, so he went up to Luffy and held his hand. 

Luffy gasped for air and looked to the side slightly to see Zoro. "Zoro, what are you doing?" He didn't respond, instead he gave a look of slight worry....

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TenshiSamaKun TenshiSamaKun Oct 22, 2017
I honestly would've walked outta the room like I'd never seen anything.
                              I'm a horrible person, I know.
Ive_Been_Made Ive_Been_Made Oct 30, 2017
Luffy my man... wtf? So dramatic I mean it would be so easy to do this quietly with a note you know? And you are kinda in the middle of the ocean so idk if leaving your crew to mour your death rn is the best idea CAPTAIN
Gneeh, I'm Belgian, so I don't really speak english ( but you fanfiction is really cool, it's for this that I'm here ) but, it's really "but Luffy" or not "except Luffy"?? !! I don't know, it's a question xD !!
o0Andy0o o0Andy0o Jan 17
Why don't you just say they walked into the kitchen or something lol?
"So I am confusion. Why is this one Kansas, but this one is not Ar-kansas? America, explain!"
TenshiSamaKun TenshiSamaKun Oct 22, 2017
Roses r red
                              Roses r prickly 
                              Damn son
                              That escalated quickly