FairyTail high (REMAKE)(Nalu, Jerza and Gale fanfic) ON HOLD

FairyTail high (REMAKE)(Nalu, Jerza and Gale fanfic) ON HOLD

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Cool Beans By rainbow_potato2 Updated Apr 24, 2017

Lucy: High school, High school, High school *sigh* Erza said 'It's time to get BOYFRIENDS. We are almost adults' Can  you believe that crap... Don't tell her I said that *runs away*

Levy: Exactly what Lucy said. Is Erza for real-zies. I do NOT have any crushes at all what so ever! And no one will like some one with a flat chest *sobs*

Erza: Those girls are over reacting. If they do some thing out of line... I'll beat them to a bloody pulp!

Me: Hello fellow readers this is my first book. I think every book I've read is amazing .
Please read.

Bluriverwolf Bluriverwolf Feb 25, 2016
Wow this is great and your 10. I'm 14 and I have stories in my head just can't find a way of getting them on paper.