High Functioning Hopeless Romantic

High Functioning Hopeless Romantic

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drayizzle By drayizzle Updated Jan 11

Sherlock and Abigail, unlikely pair, deadly duo.

"Thunder and lightning complete each other, like you complete me."


watwatson watwatson Feb 16
I would probably give Sherlock my best sarcastic smile. I don't glare anymore. I just give people sarcastic smiles and eyebrow raises.
Moffat...He is the most amazing person ever yet... He is the worst person ever... He gives everyone conflicting feelings
totally_pengwing totally_pengwing Aug 19, 2016
I imagined Sherlock as a little kid, pouting while while saying that
watwatson watwatson Feb 16
This is basically a description of every oneshot I have written to date
watwatson watwatson Feb 16
I just realised I hadn't read this and I'm ready for this 1am rollercoaster
kittybuttcheeks kittybuttcheeks Jul 25, 2016
Tbh that's exactly how I feel whenever I saw Sherlock forcefully smile at people to seem unsuspecting