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Lost Love [Book 3] (Not Edited)

Lost Love [Book 3] (Not Edited)

155K Reads 6.8K Votes 46 Part Story
Shy'Rissa By shymomma_ Completed

Two and a half years later after the night of their wedding, and the night of the kidnapping. August is stuck struggling trying to raise four kids on his own, and maintaining his music career.

Will he put his career on hold, and go back to some of his old ways to search for the love of his life? 
Or will he let it be and move on?

Read more to find out what happens on the third book in the series of Love Don't Cost A Thing.

This Story May Contains
Violence, Explicit Language, and Strong Sexual Content.
⚠ You've Been Warned ⚠

Copyright © 2015
All rights reserved by Shy'Rissa McGuire

18diamonds 18diamonds Apr 25, 2016
Brah yu better find them August and I know this book bout to be on fire brahh🔥🔥
SimplyBree318 SimplyBree318 Nov 19, 2015
AUGUST August August!!!!! I'm so pissed at you right now my nig smh
Cece6613 Cece6613 Aug 06, 2015
I feel bad for August but he got too many kids and baby mommas. 2 is enough or over enough
Cece6613 Cece6613 Aug 06, 2015
I hope Kayla comes back alive. I wonder who helped Tyresse. I'm thinking it was maybe some of August baby mommas if he had a partner.
Cece6613 Cece6613 Aug 05, 2015
Dang he got more kids than I knew he sleeping with everyone like dang.
dejia_xoxo dejia_xoxo Aug 05, 2015
Wow august be putting it down got 7 children damn Aug have you ever heard of condom