My Nine Guardians

My Nine Guardians

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PacificLove10 By PacificLove10 Completed

Sang Sorenson is an average girl.  She gets good grades, has a cookie-cutter family, and regularly participates in sports and other activities.  

One day, as she was walking home from school, Sang felt an unusual pull, calling her towards an abandoned warehouse.  As she walked into the warehouse, she felt herself being transported to Creoso, a mystical world where magic is real and females are very rare.  

The nine dragon shifter guardians were made to protect their destined ruler, a person who is supposed to bring light and happiness to the entire world of Creoso.  As Sang gets transported there, the dragons finally feel the pull to find and protect her.   

What happens when they realize she's a female, and a beautiful one at that?  How will they cope with their overprotective instincts as her guardians and protectors?

I hate detention. But my school doesn’t have any. I PRAY FOR YOU THAT DETENTION IS ERASE
ClaudiaLiberman ClaudiaLiberman Oct 25, 2016
I think it's terrific!  You're a great writer...can't wait to see what happens
monsterdaddy monsterdaddy Aug 06, 2016
Makes me think of Sora from kh eating a Soreen cake w his son
StAl2LiGhT StAl2LiGhT Feb 05
I like the Nordic surname because it correlates to the dragons :) her ancestor somewhere was named Soren.
im_insaneoO im_insaneoO Jan 19, 2016
Hey you should make longer stories like this because I love this story but my only problem is that it's short
TheBibliobibuli TheBibliobibuli Jan 16, 2016
Nice foreshadowing! But next time try to make it a bit more subtle. I love the story so far, very interesting.