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Nico di Angelo, hiding at Hogwarts

Nico di Angelo, hiding at Hogwarts

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Writer 4 life By Bianca_the_angelo Updated Sep 25, 2016

Nico's getting even more powerful, thanks to is dad. He had already been trying to hide his power surge from other demigods, but it's getting harder. He has to continually release is built up power, not to mention Thanatos' blessing, which was not helping. Until he accidentally blows off steam, at the wrong time and place. Just when he was starting to come out of his shell, and campers finally excepting him, and NOT being scared, his powers just had to come and ruin it all. Now the seven are, let's just say, ticked, and looking for them. Nico just wants to be left alone while he tries to get his powers under control, and Hades, and Hecate, decide that it's time for Nico to get a quest to get away from it all. Specifically in Hecate's "pet world", at a school known as Hogwarts. To make it worse, he has to make sure Volemort can't go too far in his distruction and cause an overflow of souls in the underworld. But will Nico successfully become friends with the superstitious wizards, and will he accidentally let his "dark powers" show through the mask? Will Leo Valdez's arrival make it harder? Will he step aside for Harry and the wizard prophecy to defeat Voldemort? Or will he just happen to step in...and change the wizard's world forever?
*NOTE: This story is discontinued and is being rewritten. The new version is called Nico di Angelo and Hecate's Gift.*

He has ADHD, and he's demigod. All I get is ADHD and a pair of roller blades...
I have never had pomegranate seeds. Or pomegranate. WHY DO I NEVER DO THESE EASY TO DO THINGS?
SammiSenpai SammiSenpai Jan 08
Don't imagine a tiny Nico doing this and saying fite meh with his tiny hqnds out in a fighting voice.
Miss_halo Miss_halo Jan 14
NICO and Leo are my faverote.... especially Leo, U just gotta give him skittles
WhenIts1013 WhenIts1013 Oct 25, 2016
Don't forget having to watch the guy you loved like a lot fall deeper in love with Annabeth and stuff.
Chat---Noir Chat---Noir Jul 06, 2016
I wish I had ADHD as an excuse. I already twitch more than Tweek Tweak when he drinks more than twenty cups of coffee!!!!! And that's when I don't have ANY sugar in my system.