Serving Leo [Book 4 of the Stavros Series] ✔️

Serving Leo [Book 4 of the Stavros Series] ✔️

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Leonardo Stavros isn't like the rest of his billionaire family. He has just taken over his family's famous company, much to his dislike. He's been told his whole life that he's a miracle in disguise, but he's never asked to be one. If it were up to him he would never have been born into such a wealthy family with such a stressful life. The only way he knows how to deal with the cards he's been given is to fight back, literally.

However thanks to his newest assistant, Ivory Stone, who's stubborn, curious, and who loves her dog more than life, Leo begins to understand that he's not the only one who had his life chosen for him. The two are completely opposite in every way except one. 

They always fight back.

Leo never meant for his bad habits to affect his family in such horrible ways, but at least he has one person in his corner, as annoying as she can be. Together they have to come together to face a dangerous opponent from Ivory's dark past, that is threatening everything Leo's family has tried so hard to build.

The only question is can they make it through with their hearts still in tact?

Book 4 of the Stavros Series