Percabeth Short Stories

Percabeth Short Stories

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Hey there, fellow demigod! Do you ship Percabeth? Great, 'cos I have just the story for you! 

This book contains multiple one-shots (one chapter stories), including mortal AU's (alternate universes), after-the-war scenarios and much more exciting fun!

Most of the stories are original ideas or things I've come up with whilst scrolling through Instagram so there's definitely something in it  for you.

What are you waiting for? Get reading!!

WARNING: May contain high levels of feels. Read at your own risk.

Why did you do this story? Without Annabeth Percabeth is dead! BTWs how could you make Athena so cruel?
wAiT wHaT
                              *TaKeS a DeEp BrEaTh AnD tAkEs iN wHaTs HaPpEnInG*
*is perfectly calm since I would only care if this happened to LadyNoir because of this weird phase*
Awwwww Percy was probably always watching her and secretly lived her
Is this on instagram? I'm pretty sure i've read this before...
QueenFangirl996 QueenFangirl996 Nov 30, 2015
One hand I'm thinking how even in mortal au's, they aren't enemies, but still fangirling over how good this is.