Natsu's slave(fairy tail fanfiction)(nalu)

Natsu's slave(fairy tail fanfiction)(nalu)

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Im_a_kill_you By Im_a_kill_you Updated Jul 09, 2015

"Were im i?"i say rubing my head.

"Hey you woke up! Lucky couse you just got here and you're just about to be sold"said i guy. I look around and see that im in a cell.

"Whaa! No! Get me out of here!"i scream they laghf. They took out a control with a buton. When they pressed it i felt electrecuted by a colar on my neck.

"No stand up and get in that room and change!"said a guy pulling me with a chain. I started to cry than a woman in the changing room made the men go so i would be able to change.

"Hey dear. I know it's not easy but you need to change into something revealing"she said taking out some clothes.

"Just give me a simple dress"i said kinda sad. She noded and looked she gave me a simple white dress. But it did really much reveal my legs and chest.

"She's ready"said the woman than 2 big guys came and put a sack on my head. I couldn't see but they walked me to somewere. I heard alot of man wisle.

"OK this is a natural blonde girl and what we know is that she's still a virg...

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creamycookie12 creamycookie12 Apr 21, 2017
Omg they had to say it like that😂 all we now is she is a Virgini😂😂 could had said she was incent
Ominous__00 Ominous__00 Sep 10, 2017
normal Juvia:...O_o w-what! 
                               Normal Gray: HELL NO! IM KILLING MYSELF! 
                              Normal Juvua: LET ME DO IT WITH YOU GRAY~SAMA! *I can't do anything*
                              BOTH: *DIE TOGETHER*
Katelyn_Winter Katelyn_Winter Jul 27, 2017
Smriked say smriked children say it
                              Me:good enough
Rainbowp141 Rainbowp141 Oct 31, 2017
I have a question do you know how to spell because I'm finding lots of spelling errors
FairyForce FairyForce May 28, 2017
I like how u spelled smirked wrong it brings a serious yet playful tone into the story
KatieM200 KatieM200 Jan 20