milk pudding « kozume kenma

milk pudding « kozume kenma

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Asano Miruka has lived her life to the fullest; taking every opportunity she can and using each ounce of her energy to complete it. Outgoing and confident, she is the epitome of an extrovert.

Kozume Kenma has lived is life on the sidelines; socialising little with his only friend as he plays video games to fill in the gaps. Quiet and shy, he is the embodiment of an introvert.

So when the two opposites find themselves in a convention together both donned in cosplay from a mutually adored video game, GALAXY'S END, things become a little interesting.

And slowly, each wall and boundary starts to fall down.

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yourlandlord yourlandlord Jan 04, 2017
I was born with it, teehee. But I always encourage my friends to study. Even though I'm bad at math :/
sweetaeto sweetaeto Sep 10, 2016
Awesome!! Awesome awesome awesome!! (Sorry, I don't know how explain it better)
-disastrous -disastrous Nov 06, 2016
I felt that way with cat whiskers when I was on my way to Dan & Phil's tour
FizzuTea FizzuTea May 20, 2016
She's smart cause she's an asano. And you will guys know this if you know assassination classroom
Computerized_Magi Computerized_Magi Dec 27, 2016
Ryuu.....? But isn't Ryu from Karasuno? Or was it Ryuu is only Ryuu not Ryu from Ryunosuke?
SunshineBlueberry SunshineBlueberry Feb 05, 2017
Off topic with the comments but I'm reading the chapter names and I'm getting hungry af.
                              I need to eat.