Is He The Boy Next Door? {Completed}

Is He The Boy Next Door? {Completed}

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Beyoncé Knowles is a 26 year old English teacher at a performing arts high school. What happens when one day she runs into a stranger then comes to find out he is her new student. She goes on a love roller-coaster trying to keep her relationship under wraps with her student and dealing with his jealousy issues. 

People aren't always who they say they are

Based on the movie: The Boy Next Door and No Good Deed

tonilove4 tonilove4 Mar 12
Uh uhh this nigga was dreaming about giving him head girl gone😭😭👋👉🚪
reneejada reneejada Mar 12
What a switcheroo. A younger Jay z to an older beyonce  instead of an older Jay z to a younger beyonce
Leyonce95 Leyonce95 Jan 07
That's what they say then next thing you know that crazy come out
Trader Joe sounds like a slave trader.Like he dibble dabbles in the trading of niggas.
Honeybee69_ Honeybee69_ Nov 10, 2015
The sex between them will be good though because he's so ready and willing.
Honeybee69_ Honeybee69_ Nov 10, 2015
It would be interesting for him to actually get a girlfriend his age later on in the plot. I'd like to see how that triangle would work.