Daddy Dearest

Daddy Dearest

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It's a really simple color. Pretty bland. Matches just about anything. That's how you normally describe grey. 

But this grey was unique. The specks of green that sparkled on the edges of the misty grey abyss entranced me. 

In my mind, I imagined those endless abysses roaming over my body. Examining it. Praising it. 

I crossed my legs to control the warm feeling that traveled down to my nether regions as I thought of the grey. 

"Babe, you okay?" I broke out of my trance and smiled at Paul. He gave me a worried look, and I patted his cheek gently.  His blue eyes searched my face to see if I was lying, but he found no lies. He smiled back at me, and pecked my cheek. 

I sighed deeply, and tried to clear my head. 

It would do me no good daydreaming about my boyfriend's father.

    xfeelharryx xfeelharryx Mar 22
    I didn't read good so I thought it was about the boyfriend of her father and I was like WOW that's Crazy dude ahahah I'm sorry
    LilacGirl19 LilacGirl19 May 05
    This kinda reminds me of "Colors" by Halsey. Love that song❤
    GossipwithaK GossipwithaK Feb 14, 2016
    Could Mateo maybe be a bit older? There's only an 11 year age difference and well, I'm a sucker for large age gaps. I love your writing btw
    InfinityLover4Evr InfinityLover4Evr Mar 22, 2016
    I think Mateo should be alot more resistant to Luna. If he is already in love with her and its more than obvious then the chapters will be kinda flat in that department.
    InfinityLover4Evr InfinityLover4Evr Mar 22, 2016
    Based on the fact that Mateo is Luna's boyfriend's dad. Then Mateo should have a rational thinking that it would be more than wrong and betraying if he led his son's girlfriend on and that she is way younger.
    Kyokkou Kyokkou Jan 28, 2016
    Wait, isn't Mateo Paul's father? Why is Luna staying with Paul's dad if he has his own place? O. o;