the beta's anchor  ▸  liam dunbar [1]

the beta's anchor ▸ liam dunbar [1]

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Seven years ago, Emma Stilinki's mother died of frontotemporal dementia and her life was turned upside down. With high funeral costs as well as his time-consuming job as county sheriff, Emma's father just couldn't afford to raise both of his children on his own -  so at just eight years old, she was shipped off to Nevada to live with her aunt until her dad could sustain enough money to raise both of his children again.

Now, Emma is fifteen and about to start her freshman year of high school. When Emma's aunt receives a call from her father announcing that she can come home to California, she's sent back to Beacon Hills, reunited with her brother and father that she hasn't seen since second grade.

Upon her arrival, Emma quickly befriends the athletic new kid with a dark past, a boy named Liam Dunbar. Within days, they're both sucked into the madness of the supernatural world, filled with werewolves, ruthless assassins within the walls of their own school, supernatural hit lists, and a mysterious, shady benefactor at the center of it all.

In a world where survival isn't guaranteed, the last thing on Emma's mind is romance. But as Emma and her friends find themselves deeper entangled within the dangers of the supernatural - against all reasoning, she does one thing she never saw coming...

She falls for Liam.


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teen wolf ; season 4
book one in the emma stilinski trilogy
[[©obrohsey 2015-2017]]

DISCLAIMER: all rights go to teen wolf and its creators. i own nothing from this story except my original characters and their plotlines.

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Ohhh totally same....I absolutely LOVE history and am the only one in my class who does so yeah I know I'm weird
Kind of cute YOU GUESS? He might be a poop but he's an attractive poop
okokalright okokalright Aug 01
same tho. im good at it, but i only seem to remember stuff in that class.
No. I just like the color black. WE just like the color black
Allybz Allybz Sep 18
Hey, I run a blog on tumblr (fyeahteenwolfocs) and we would love to feature Emma and her story on there. If you have a tumblr give us a follow and drop us a message if you'd like her to be added to the page!