The Best Friend of My Crush

The Best Friend of My Crush

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  Beryl is a smart, studious nerd.
  She has crushed on Nick Conman, the playboy, since freshman year.
  She has disliked Blaise Anderson, Nick's best friend, since freshman year.
  Now, in Junior year, when her project partner leaves the school, she is partenered up with Nick and Blaise.
  She is where any girl of her school would want to be.


Cover by : bananaanaaa
  But with her crush and his best friend, there comes a big trouble.
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sniggi-xo sniggi-xo Jan 08
Some get attracted  to nerds too 😂 That's a rare case though 🐒
                              Copying is only for those who lack originality!
                              BTW if someone was to do it remember nothing could be the original!!!!!!
Thats the ligit name of a girl a couple of grades lower than me
Skylethorot Skylethorot Jan 31
Sports are somewhat easy to me because i am some what athletic
Lmao when everyone in comments says they're awkward but then you're not, you're just a loner
Dhanpayo Dhanpayo 3 days ago
Then what is your first second and third? Yup thats what i am curious about.......