My Bestfriend's Brother

My Bestfriend's Brother

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Moving To A New State Is One Thing But Falling In Love With Your Bestfriend's Twin Brother Is A Whole Other Situation. 

Lauren Didn't Expect To Actually Fall In Love With Anthony But Love Is Mysterious And Works In Many Ways 

Read And Find Out About Their "Love Story"

Holly hell! 😱 I think I just died!
                              I'm just gonna, you know.... 
                              SCREENSHOT!!!! 😂😂 
                              Thank you very much, that's now gonna be my new background cover on my phone! 😍😍
That moment when your name is in a book and the author didn't use it for a whøre, man-stealer, female dog or anything bad!! 😧😊😊😌👑🎶I'm feeling maself🎶
😳😳😳 **screenshots**
                              "I have to go do my room" 
                              **runs upstairs**
Omfg I just got done reading a book with this excact situation, like her dad died and she moved to a different state cause of the memorie. Omg I live it already lol
Ooh I know him he's my best friend he doesn't know it yet but he is
You sure as an author knows what Hot guys are. I love this book more after seeing his godam picture! He's a Geek God!