Truly, Deeply, Madly || Yandere One Shots

Truly, Deeply, Madly || Yandere One Shots

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Hardcore Fangirl By Gunsmkee Updated May 10, 2016

He Truly had feelings for you, 

He was Deeply obsessed with you, 

And he was Madly in love with you. 


Used to be Mine (Yandere One Shots)~ 

Contains Strong, mild sexual encounters, and strong language~ 

Don't like? Don't read~ 

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Illyasviel17262 Illyasviel17262 Oct 22, 2017
So I was listening to I guess I'll sleep when i am dead by set it off and I had black painted finger nails god I'm so emo
Ren_Is_My_Bae Ren_Is_My_Bae Sep 29, 2017
I wanna request something, but I doubt you'll know who they are....
LovingGalaxies LovingGalaxies Aug 27, 2017
                              Mom: It's litteraly all she ever drinks!!!
                              Me: Go away mum >.>
                              Mom: ._.
Jazzj56 Jazzj56 May 14, 2017
I'm so confused. By soul do you mean the body, the city, an object or what? In all types of confused.
Illyasviel17262 Illyasviel17262 Oct 22, 2017
Omg my ship!!!!!!!! It sailed !!!!!!
                              But then it sunk thanks a lot soul🙄
roses8489 roses8489 Feb 01
Masafumi komatsu-candle, brown (but in this it shall be black), and my favorite color is black.