Journey to the Past [Hunter x Hunter Fanfic] (Killua x OC)

Journey to the Past [Hunter x Hunter Fanfic] (Killua x OC)

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I r i s✿ By mahvru Updated Nov 11

Akeno Yukikāze is a mysterious girl with no memories of her past. She took the Hunter exam to search for her lost memories, hoping that she would find the missing pieces of her lost memories. 

Although, she never thought that she will find something she never think about it before. An adventure, friendship in her journey and maybe, Just maybe she'll find another reason to live her life and that is....

Disclaimer : This is just a fanfiction of Hunter x Hunter, i do not own anything except my OC  (^∇^)The story was written by Yoshihiro Togashi~

It's amazing I love it and even though the grammar is kinda bad, what's more important is that the story line is amazing!!!