Blondie - Scomiche

Blondie - Scomiche

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| pop | By PrincessPleb Updated May 13

When Mitch joins University and is thrown into a flat with three boys that hate him, he thinks that nothing can make it better. Until a tall blonde greets him in the elevator - mysterious, perhaps dangerous, yet endearing. Scott Hoying impacts Mitch's life in a way he never thought was possible.


"Mitch Grassi..." He breathes, a smirk growing on his face, "nice to meet you."

I take my card, a small blush emerging on my cheeks as Blondie stays stood opposite me, almost making me feel pressured to stay pinned up against the wall.

The elevator doors ding open as the guy turns away from me, walking away with his head turned over his shoulder and his eyes still on me.

"W-what's your name?" I stutter, pressing a button to keep the doors open.

He turns towards me, walking backwards down the corridor of the second floor. 

He laughs, raising his brow, "See you around, Mitch Grassi."


What are you talking about Mitch is the life of the party I bet he attracts more girls than you anyways lmao
Ohmyavik Ohmyavik Nov 05
Says the guy that now has the sexy af sleeve that covers half his arm
Well he is a self absorbed douchebag and your a queen. It's only common sense
reesespieces45 reesespieces45 34 minutes ago
Let it goooooooo let it goooooo can't hold it back anymoreeeee
I'm reading for like the 10th time I love this sorry so much❤
Ry_Lynn Ry_Lynn Sep 01
Loves it! Im gonna binge read this... get ready for the spam from my comments😂