Imperfect Me.

Imperfect Me.

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Sophia By faithfullymee Updated Mar 01

I love graffiti ; isn't it just amazing? The art, the mark you leave behind. I was chilling with two of my most trusted adding what we call adding our mark to the dull brick alley. We looked like a unit with our matching gang hoodies; hoods up and our half-face balaclavas adorned. We had nearly completed the graffiti of our logo when an ear piercing shriek, no doubt female, sounded in the air.  We froze. Dropped our spray cans and followed the voice...

In front of us was a fragile, small girl, approximately our age being thrust against the wall. Tears ran endlessly down her bruised face while the ruthless attacker towered over her tiny frame. Before anything else could happen we found ourselves sprinting head first towards the attacker. The attacker turned towards us. Shock momentarily lined his face before it twisted into a repulsive snarl, he had pulled a fist back but it was too slow and we got what we needed. Him to make the first move. 

Meet Jade: she's clumsy, sweet loud and just a little crazy. Put her, a new place, secrets and boys and you have... something completely unheard of. Jade has no clue what she's getting into when she befriends the high school hotties who share a dark secret...

A/N: this is my first story. Please give it a chance... I suck at this blurb thing. Don't steal, or copy etc it is copyrighted. Every little piece! ENJOYYYYY.

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I don't want to Even read what comes after. Too embarrassing
whoamiwhowillibe whoamiwhowillibe Mar 13, 2016
This takes Simba's "I laugh in the face of danger" to a whole new reckless level
whoamiwhowillibe whoamiwhowillibe Mar 13, 2016
Way to make a first impression 
                              I mean who could beat that entrance?
sun-shine1357 sun-shine1357 Dec 17, 2015
Shes just like my friend. If I causally hit her shoulder she'd tell me "ouch shams that hurt".
faithfullymee faithfullymee Sep 27, 2015
Hi. Thanks for reading this. I'm writing up chapter one now so just wait a while it'll be up within an hour