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I am 54 (The 100)

I am 54 (The 100)

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FangirlKnight By FangirlKnight Updated Sep 20, 2015

This is the story of prisoner 54. Her crimes should have gotten her floated the day she committed them, but age is on her side. Being locked up for 689 days is awful, but what happens when the 100 go to the ground?

Kacie Genov is prisoner 54, and the day the drop ship goes to earth she's on it. Landing on the ground, Kacie knows what she has to do. She has to be a leader, and a bad ass. As the days go on down on Earth, things get hard. The grounders show up, and they want Kacie. They've seen her fight, and they want her as their own. What happens when Kacie is captured by grounders, and what happens when the camp doesn't want to rescue her? Will she be a grounder forever, or will her friends come through and save her? 

I am 54 will fallow the 100 series but not everything will be to the exact storyline.

I am 54 will contain stronger language, and violence.

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