Warm My Frozen Heart- マイフローズンハートを温めます ((Rin x Lucy))

Warm My Frozen Heart- マイフローズンハートを温めます ((Rin x Lucy))

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I do not know what to put here sooooooo yeah let's just say.  

Lucy caught Natsu,Her boyfriend Kissing Lisanna the whore.

after that Satan Took over Lucy's Smexy Body only Because she was Heart Broken and Hatred overflowed her but Rin and Yukio barged in Fairytail because of the Aura and Took Lucy To Cram school. 


Hope you enjoy the Story :D

Natsu why you cheating?! I'm gonna kill you!!!
                              I still love NaLu though.
You say that, but yet you smack your boyfriend/best friend/family member...
Natsu: No! Luce, Your not going anywhere!
                              Me: Nigga who are you to tell me where I can and cannot go
I just realized the gale glasses was a sign that gale would be cannon...I'm slow 😂
First I thought it said 'lube' before I read it again and my face was like 😐
KatGlasses KatGlasses Aug 03
Interestingly, in Japanese and quite a few other Asian languages there is no separate symbol for B or V its the same character for both and if you listen to their speech  you can hear both letters being said at the same time. The same goes for L and R and probably some other letters too.