Blondie x Stingy Bee (Stinglu)

Blondie x Stingy Bee (Stinglu)

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Llamalyn By Cupcakepiexz Updated Jan 20

While visiting her dear Celestial Mage friend at Sabertooth. Lucy (a potential celestial mage) captured sparks seeing Sting, the Sabertooth's current ruthless leader. This is what they call love at first sight right? 

Sting Eucliffe. The blonde, ruthless, idiotic, scary, possibly cute dragon slayer. 
Will she finds her true feelings for him? Who could fall in love with a idiot? But he has potentials which Lucy get caught up with, as the butterflies in her stomach flatters. 

Lucy is the definition of perfect. Down the road on their fairytale, something goes wrong, very wrong. 
"Her complexion was angelic and glowed with innocence." - Sting 
"This idiot could be the death of me, literally and I'm fine with it." - Lucy 

  "Fro thinks so too!" Fro said disturbing this blurb. 

  Disclaimer - Fairytail belongs to Hiro Mashima.

Hikaruandkaoru101 Hikaruandkaoru101 Sep 25, 2016
What the hell!!!??? Its like the only sane exeeds are Carla and Pantherlily
levytan levytan Aug 08, 2016
It's actually true I read it in the manga under 'facts about frosch' or whatever that part was called
Pipluplover17 Pipluplover17 May 27, 2016
Lol. But fun fact: Gray is made MORE muscular in the manga, for all of us who love lookin' at them abs
levytan levytan Aug 08, 2016
I'm pretty sure that's why he wore the frog suit guys 😞
                              -ahem- it said that so I am sure
izzydagoddess izzydagoddess Jun 30, 2016
This is what you call magic (I think he might start stripping any second
galaxynova13 galaxynova13 Aug 27, 2016
Rouge is so hot and awsome i love his magic and also hes so fun and cute