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You took my heart, could I please have it back?

You took my heart, could I please have it back?

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The Cookie Monster By TheCookieMonster Completed

16-year-old Elizabeth Johnson is far from your average teenager. Fighting depression, she has to get through sixth form, where bullies and the 'cool gang' knock her down, time and time again. However, at school she meets a boy, a mysterious boy who is impossible to decipher. Elizabeth devotes half of her time to figuring him out, and in doing so, she finds answers that only lead to more questions.

Can she work out the mixed emotions of James Black and figure out what his problem is? Follow Liz as she tells her story of how she survived a whole year of tears, laughter, frowns and smiles...

Fralda3 Fralda3 Jun 22, 2013
I really like you writing style and use of words. This book has me captivated from the start. Looking forward to reading the rest.
MansuraBamangaAbubak MansuraBamangaAbubak Dec 05, 2012
                               the novel actually made me cry and I dnt it's sooo sorrowful how she suffered u really are gud in composing a story I luved d ending to tell u the truth I actually didn't want the story to end the story awesome and I loved it
rachelisawesome123 rachelisawesome123 Dec 04, 2012
Oh God. . .I am so glad the (dare I say it!!!) Lost Boys brought me here!!!!! I bet you everyone is saying that. . .But this is so good!!!! I'ma read the whole book now!!!! :D
TheCookieMonster TheCookieMonster Apr 07, 2012
@SweetestSin83 Thank you <333
                              @MissTscra awww thanks!!<333
                              @cat4hbk thank you!! I'm glad you think so :D
Irishstorm1998 Irishstorm1998 Mar 15, 2012
This story was so good I cried and cried when ever liz was ......... I wont say what because i don't want to give the story away to new readers.
                              But anyway WELL DONE!!!!!! it is brilliant
SweetestSin83 SweetestSin83 Mar 05, 2012
I came here after reading The Lost Boys chapter where both bands performed, I'm sooo glad I get a chance to read Liz's story! As soon as I finish Lost Boys, I'm gonna start reading You Took my Heart and I can't wait!