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In Your Arms (Edward Elric x Reader)

In Your Arms (Edward Elric x Reader)

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♡ Jenna-chan ♡ By smolbeanjenna Updated Jul 15

You've known the Elric brothers for as long as you can remember. When you were only 3, your parents died in the Ishvalan war. You went to live with the Rockbells in Resembool, which were good friends of your family. Ever since you met them, you, Ed, Al, and Winry were always playing together. And you absolutely loved spending time with Ed.
But when Trisha got sick and passed away, everything changed. Ed left to become a State Alchemist and to find a way to get their bodies back, along with Al. You wanted to go with them, but they wouldn't let you. You got so angry that you ran away.
You're 15 now, and you live in a small town not far from Resembool. You plan to become a State Alchemist and help this country, and stop people from making the mistake Ed and Al did.
But, what if you bump into someone on one particular Sunday?
Someone you haven't seen in 6 long years?
And you team up with this person to take down Homunculi and save Amestris?
And maybe...
Fall in love?


O shït i finished Fullmetal Alchemist but not Brotherhood, i just started that..
I just started watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Is that the first one, or are there others I need to worry about? Anyone
griffy_duck griffy_duck 4 days ago
Hmmmm why does this seem very familiar from another fan fiction I've read....
Lozfan17 Lozfan17 Jan 29
Thing is... they went away to train for a year and didn't tell anyone when they came back
get_a_gun get_a_gun Jan 27
Bitch, how do you pass out whEN YOU AREN'T EVEN HURT! I'll probably just burp and gets some bandages...
get_a_gun get_a_gun Jan 27
*Front hand then back hand slaps him*
                              YOU DO NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO YOUNG MAN!