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Forced To Date -Harry Styles-

Forced To Date -Harry Styles-

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Louisababe By Sameoldgames Completed

"We have decided to make the two of you date" My mother's said pointing to Harry then back to me. My eyes widened at what she had to say. She had a smile on her face, one that I wanted to wipe off her face. I looked to Anne who was agreeing with my mother. I can't even look at Harry. I can't describe how much I dislike him. 

"You can't choose who I date" I snapped at my mother finally having the courage to stand up to her. Anger flashed across her eyes.

"I do have the choice of who you date and I choose Harry. Im not going to let you go and date someone like your father" She replied back at me. 

"Just because your love life didn't work out, doesn't mean mine won't" She pulled me by the wrist and into the kitchen. 

"You will date him, got it?" She said fiercely.

"Whatever" I snapped walking out of the kitchen and up the stairs. 

Who the hell does she think she is? 

Oh wait, My Mother. 

And that is how 18 year old Ashley Underwood started having a relationship with the famous Harry Styles.

Keynan_Hemopo Keynan_Hemopo Sep 25, 2016
Those ain't true fans who send hate and death threats to this girls of the boys !!
Hstorann Hstorann Jul 07, 2016
Don't ever do that to anyone! That is taking away they're personal freedom and it's just such a stupid reason
thecoralanter thecoralanter Nov 05, 2016
The story sucks. It's so cliche first of all, and there isn't anything remotely special or captivating about this book.
stylesslaying stylesslaying Jan 17, 2016
Lol I thought that you stoned this from someone or someone stole it from you, when I realised it's because I've already read it😂😂
TheOreoQueen02 TheOreoQueen02 Jul 27, 2015
PandasInTheMaze PandasInTheMaze Jul 26, 2015
People don't be mean to me because it doesn't fase me and they know I can mess them up :)