Strangeland || Hansol Vernon Chwe

Strangeland || Hansol Vernon Chwe

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Strangeland (strānjland)

A small American town that is unusual or surprising in a way that is unsettling or hard to understand. 

"I live in Strangeland, where everyone can see when someone else is going to die, except for themselves."

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ducktael ducktael Sep 01, 2017
me in a couple of days getting my new glasses, my old ones broke ;^;
ducktael ducktael Sep 01, 2017
hol up-- can the death change? like if someone were to happen and the person's life shortens by a couple of years.
Michaela1boss Michaela1boss Jul 18, 2017
Rapmon: When you're hungry, chicken is the best. BOOM CHIKA CHIKA... BRAHHH😂😂
ThatMarauderGirl ThatMarauderGirl Aug 01, 2017
Like shinigami eyes and those Luna glasses from Harry Potter mashed together.
I didnt read this but fyi the cover looks like hungry seungkwan fcking eat those mngyu's tongue
24azureskies 24azureskies Jul 16, 2017
I would vote of wattpad wasn't a bitch abt how many times I can vote in a day