Skinny Love: A Romione Love Story [Currently being Rewritten/edited]

Skinny Love: A Romione Love Story [Currently being Rewritten/edited]

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BOOK 1 [Skinny Love Series]


||A Ron & Hermione Love Story||

Ron and Hermione are the perfect example of Skinny Love. Both were madly in love with each other, but are too afraid to admit it, but still showed it. Whether it was how they looked at each other or how Hermione's would sparkle every time Ron came into the room or how the only time you see Ron smile, that crooked, lazy, smile is when Hermione was around. Harry knew it. Ginny knew it. Everyone knew it. Heck, even the professors knew it. Everyone except the two people in love.

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surprisinglyKatchie surprisinglyKatchie Apr 20, 2017
I REMEMBER THE FIRST COMMENT ! "Don't forget Ginny or she'll hex my behind! :("
biirbo biirbo Apr 02, 2017
Hermione omg just because you miss someone doesn't mean that animal abuse is okay!
couldhavebeenyours couldhavebeenyours Mar 15, 2017
Incredible! I never get tired of reading your books! I remember the old times with this book. Keep up the good work!!
- - Aug 27, 2017
I am so happy I found your account! I have rarely found fanfics that perfectly embrace the characters, gradual progression of the plot, and  still show the author's personality. Props to you, Sarah
Rainyday2003 Rainyday2003 Aug 25, 2017
The wording is absolutely amazing! You should become a professional author ❤❤❤
cutebunny100 cutebunny100 Mar 15, 2017
Love it! I'm not mad that you've re-written it! It just has given me another excuse to read it again! Although i didn't seem to need excuses the past 4 or 5 times!!