Shadows brought into the stars (book 1)

Shadows brought into the stars (book 1)

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Lucy Heartfilia is a mage of the great Fairy Tail guild. 
Rogue Cheney is a mage from the sucky Sabertooth guild. 

Rogue and his friends quit Sabertooth and become mages in Fairy Tail. 

When Natsu and Lisanna start going out Lucy is crushless. That's where Rogue comes in! Him (and friends) become a part of Lucy's life.
The two become a couple but, being a couple will that bring fortune or misfortune?

I know it is called.. uh... plu/plue and all.. but last time I saw the anime with plue, o thought is was, 'Open Gate Od The Canis Minor, Nikola!'
hulloitmeh hulloitmeh May 03, 2016
plue is one of my favourite charachters 1. because the species is canus minor/nikora 2.hes just too kawaii
Fairytail-215 Fairytail-215 Oct 17, 2016
I like how fro talks first person in the anime like he's so Kute.
galaxynova13 galaxynova13 Aug 22, 2016
Rolu rouge is awsome and cool and he does need to smile more
Love_Lee_Taeil Love_Lee_Taeil Feb 07, 2016
When it said lisanna (however you spell it) and natsu kissed I got pissed 😂😭
FTcats FTcats May 01, 2016
Waaaaaaa soo cute! Ro-Nii is jelly! Ya see! Lu-Chan and Ro-Nii make the perfect couple! *U* KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!