The Angel With No Wings (Kid!Destiel AU)

The Angel With No Wings (Kid!Destiel AU)

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Castiel grew up in Heaven, watching the Earth from above with his (rather overprotective) big brother, Gabriel. His dream was to go there himself one day. And his wish very soon comes true, when his father allows him to go.

He meets a young human boy named Dean. He grows quite fond of this boy, and they become fast friends. One day, he sneaks out of Heaven using the one thing that can take him from Heaven to Earth and back again. Tragically, he loses it on Earth, and is stuck there with Dean.

So he grows up on Earth with his best friend, while his family tries to find him. But he soon learns that Dean is more than his best friend, and he also learns that Dean feels the same way toward this angel who lost his wings.

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actually-Crowley actually-Crowley Oct 02, 2017
I know why Michael is an eagle and Luci is a snake. I understand this.
actually-Crowley actually-Crowley Oct 02, 2017
Mary probably ships it already.
                              We all know in the show she's 190% sure they're dating.
ImaGeekyShipper ImaGeekyShipper Aug 17, 2017
Does he mean an actual sword or his vessel? I would assume an actual sword. Then why am I asking this? I don't know help
Ravenbloodfang Ravenbloodfang Sep 16, 2017
 #Beautiful. That's probably what I would do if that happened. 😂
Hidden490 Hidden490 a day ago
I just imagined a tiny baby cas saying that with normal cas’s voice and I was terrifying
LuciferMorningstar12 LuciferMorningstar12 Jul 01, 2017
You do. Sorry Luci
                              Then again, so do I so I'm not one to talk....