The Angel With No Wings (Kid!Destiel AU) #Wattys2016

The Angel With No Wings (Kid!Destiel AU) #Wattys2016

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Tyler Barnes By ASliceOfDeansPie Updated Apr 20

Castiel grew up in Heaven, watching the Earth from above with his (rather overprotective) big brother, Gabriel. His dream was to go there himself one day. And his wish very soon comes true, when his father allows him to go.

He meets a young human boy named Dean. He grows quite fond of this boy, and they meet regularly. Castiel would go to Earth for a while, then return to Heaven, and the same thing the next day, and the day after that, and so on. Until, one day, he loses the one thing that can take him from Heaven to Earth and back again, and is stuck on Earth with Dean.

So he grows up on Earth with his best friend, while his family tries to find him. But he soon learns that Dean is more than his best friend, and he also learns that Dean feels the same way toward this angel who lost his wings.

Wait do they have clothes? I'm just assuming that angels are always like naked or clothed in some sort of blanket sheet thing...
Red hair and a hand-me-down robe? 
                              You must be a Weasley.
Oh you're such a turd, oh yeah a giant turd and you look like a turd and you smell like turd! 🎤
I can smell the Michifer
                              And I have a bad sense of smell
Everything else in this fic is a heap of cringe and regret but I am still proud of this reference I love
I need a HP/SPN crossover where all the characters meet each.