Jealous love when i make you mine

Jealous love when i make you mine

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Thx to hanji eren now has animal ears and a tail. Levi wants no one to touch eren but erwin likes him too wut happens when erwin tries to make a move wut will levi say wut will levi do "jealous love when i make you mines"

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MiaCortesse MiaCortesse Nov 05
Sasha does not share her food. 
                              Btw, I'm melting at the sight of kitty Eren 😍
I like how everyone is scared of him while I'm here like 'what's scary about this midget'
Kilmehnow Kilmehnow Aug 02
XD I like how everyone is like "SASHA BREAD END OF WORLD!!!"
YANDERE LEVI,EVERYONE STAY CALM,JUST STY CALM *fourth wall breaks* oh hell naw,SOMEONE GET THE FRIGGIN DUCK TAPE AND STUPPAH GLUE ( btw,Levi,your precious Eren is gonna be taken away by Erwin 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Everyone... is scared of this little midget,I'm just like "Why is everyone so scared about a shop?" ( B.o.i if ya don't get it... there's a freaking store named 'Levi's' XDDD ) ( or a store.... mmm... )
why do i want this to happen to me. idk, maybe because it'll be funny and awkward.