A Teacher's Obsession || H.S || A.u

A Teacher's Obsession || H.S || A.u

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no longer By arctic- Updated Jul 17, 2016

He thinks too much.
She's thought about too much.

A story about a girl trying to find her way out of manipulative man's life. 

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stylesdaae stylesdaae Sep 20, 2017
Haha i got my first tattoo as a freshman and am now  a senior getting my third on saturday
DayHarryDream DayHarryDream May 28, 2017
Am I the only one that thought of Kimmy Gibbler from full house
cumbetweenyourteeth cumbetweenyourteeth Dec 14, 2017
The moment when youre from europe and there is no pop tarts in europe at least where i live
wonkydonkey wonkydonkey Feb 06, 2017
I hate literature! I had to finish part of my exam at lunch today, I DIDNT GET ANY TIME TO EAT! so being the problem solver I am, I ate a kit kat in RE.
ashtons-bandana ashtons-bandana Oct 18, 2016
I live in Australia so I've only had like 2 poptarts before but the cinnamon ones are bomb
CookieMonsterrr5 CookieMonsterrr5 Dec 29, 2016
Bitch I all up in here with my fudge pop-tart or even them s'mores pop-tart!! OOOH SHÎT!