21 Weeks: Week 1

21 Weeks: Week 1

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R.A. LaShea By RALaShea Updated Jul 08, 2015

Beck Nash arrives in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide division with a shaky reputation and a lot to prove. Her first moments an unmitigated disaster, she gets a chance to redeem herself with her first murder investigation and a sympathetic new partner.

Trying to fit the mold, and with no idea how she’s going to adapt her questionable investigative techniques to her new position, Beck just wants to make it to week’s end. Little does she know, as shocking as the first day of her first week in Homicide turned out to be, it will be nothing compared to her last.

21 Weeks is a fast-paced police thriller series that ramps up in intensity with each victim that falls until the explosive final week.

21 Weeks: Week 1 is a sample of the upcoming series. Due to Amazon’s exclusivity requirements, subsequent books in the series will be available only on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Due to violence and strong language, it is recommended for adult readers.

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