The Originals: Forgotten

The Originals: Forgotten

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Lilly-JoElliott By Lilly-JoElliott Updated Oct 26, 2016

"I'm Aria Mikaelson, pleasure to meet me I know." She smirked.

"Cocky much?" He laughed, eyes shining with amusement.

"Oh, very much," Aria mused. 

Aria, as she was nicknamed, is a hard-headed, over protective, severely scary, insane and an cocky ass Original Vampire. 
But with all her important memories that held all this true character erased by a Witch, she arrived at the Salvatore Boarding house near completely changed from what she truly was. 

Although, trouble seemed to always follow because not only was the person she was looking for dead, a human Doppelganger living and breathing walking through the door with her old friends from last century behind her, but two Originals showing up one after another, one to lift a curse and one to stop it. Aria not herself, goes against everything she would never do and tries to kill one of her siblings to protect Elena from dyeing.

Ha, that doesn't last long. She ends up leaving town, getting gaps in her memory filled and a certain sister of hers revived. Going back to Mystic Falls isn't on her priority list anymore, but when she returns. It won't be the same nice and kind of caring Aria they met. No, it'll be Aria who fiercely hates and kills anyone that tries to hurt her family, despite their constant bossiness.

With Hunters, more Originals, Balls, annoying Doppelganger's, Werewolves, Witches, Vampires, Ghosts, deaths and the overall drama that they live in, can Aria Mikaelson save the ones she loves from the ones she hates, try not to kill the only thing making her brothers Hybrids live, survive her siblings and not go mentally insane whilst doing it, or fail at all of those.

Only time won't tell.

But Aria might.

Author's Note: It's better then that description.

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Unknown7052 Unknown7052 Aug 20
oh my lord! 
                              I love this girl, unlike theses other people she has a reason and she is just plain out hilarious!
She's related to the enemy so...
                              GOOD LUCK WITH THAT*walks away waving back to them*
katgonzalez_7 katgonzalez_7 Mar 02, 2016
Tall don't understand Elena makes him a better person and Damon isn't as bad as klaus although klaus is pretty bad ass
MoonMadea MoonMadea Aug 10, 2016
Zach is Stefan and Damon's uncle/ nephew, their distant relative
zainhhhhh zainhhhhh Feb 28, 2016
Oh wow...hey I just joined wattpad and I love the originals and tvd and I put this book In my library because it looked interesting amazing first chapter though!!!!!