Forever Soulmates (Completed)✅

Forever Soulmates (Completed)✅

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Looking for a mature romance story with passion and revenge then you have come to the right place.   What happens when you think you have found the man or woman of your dreams, and they turn out to have secrets that could destroy the relationship? Meet Lisa Garrett, she is beautiful, smart and easygoing. Little did she think that the past would come back to haunt her and the name that she truly loves.  

This is an interracial love story and also my very first story on Wattpad. Hope you enjoy. Christina's Peril is the sequel to this story.
:::::: Involves sexual situations and sex scenes. Only for mature audiences:::::::  
*****Chapters 3, 18 and the epilogue are marked private. In order to read private chapters must be a fan if the link does NOT work go to my profile and read how to view.

Chapters are private due to Wattpad policy not mine, sorry*****

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UrbanGvdess UrbanGvdess May 08, 2016
Love Secret Garden! I'm a teen and know all these songs lol.
RosesandRainbows RosesandRainbows Aug 07, 2016
Not to be a stickler..but Lady in Red is sang by Chris DuBourgh..or something of the sort..not Simply Red
JenCutTheCrap JenCutTheCrap Aug 07, 2014
I've been really tryin baby
                              Trying to hold back this feeling for so long 
                              And if you feel like I feel so come on 
                              Shom on
coldromance267 coldromance267 Aug 30, 2013
amazing kept writting, hope you are looking forward to adding your next chapter
katmadison katmadison Jul 25, 2013
You have a playlist for your story! I do that too, but have never posted the list. Very cool!