Hello, Mr. Darcy #NewAdult

Hello, Mr. Darcy #NewAdult

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LilyFullyLiving By LilyFullyLiving Completed

Book 1 ( Completed August, 2016: Being Edited)

Book 2 called, "One Day, Maybe"

     When two people belonged together, they just belonged together, as fvcked as they both are. And when it came to 29 years James Darcy and 22 years Charlotte Kineton, they belonged together in the most fvcked up and dysfunctional of ways.

     You see, these two are broken people, so broken that they shouldn't be together, yet fate as a way of making shit happen, which is how James Darcy had first laid eyes on her.

     James was a fvcked up person, which is what happens when you witness your father kill both of your siblings and you had to carry that shit around like a heavy bag of potatoes.

      He hadn't known then what it was about her that had attracted him so much, beside her beauty, but he knew that he wanted her which was why he made her a proposal that she couldn't refuse, because well; she didn't.

     "I'll take care of you, pay for everything you need, including your school, and in return, I want you to be mine, and be devoted to me when I'm around. I'm not trying to make you fall in love with me, but sharing you is not an option." 

      Charlotte's life was fvcked up, that's also kind of what happens when your prostitute of a mother gets killed by her pimp and you find yourself navigating life in the system, going from one foster home to another. Which is why when James Darcy made his proposal, she had quickly accepted. She figured that could be her way to a better life.

       But neither one of them was ready for the intensity of their relationship that left them both vulnerable and weak because fate was a fucked up thing and it wanted them on their knees.

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Oh my goddess, I sort of came here that it was a normal romedy, it's great though, till now
I'm definitely already loving it, plus it's something that's very unique and hard to find on Wattpad so I'm pretty excited to read on! ❤❤❤