A Backwards Story (A Nate Maloley Story)

A Backwards Story (A Nate Maloley Story)

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Smiley_Maloley By NatexCody Updated Jul 09, 2016

"Emma, stop staring at him and actually talk to him." That was easy for my best friend Tory to say. It was easy for her to talk to boys. But as of me, I could look at them all day and make them feel creeped out.

"Emma I'm not kidding talk to him. Your supper pretty and if you don't go and at least say hi to him, some other girl will.

I looked away from him just to look her in the eyes. And she looked like she wanted to slap the shit out of me if I didn't get up and talk to him. " Tory. You talk to guys like its no big deal. I'm nothing like that. If I even see a hot guy I just go into a dream state that creeps them out." I say letting out a light giggle. 

But what I said was kind of a lie. there was this one guy that she would dare never talk to. Samuel Wilkinson. He was her bad boy. And Nate was my bad boy. Unlike Sam, Nate had tattoos. from what I could see, it was just one. But it was hot. he's the only guy Tory wouldn't talk to. And I took advantage of that. Every time we would ...

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whoyoucallinsenpai whoyoucallinsenpai May 02, 2016
c'mon maloley, you know I'm the president of the IBTC (itty bitty titty committee)