His Little Kitten Princess

His Little Kitten Princess

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angelica By PrincessxVanellope Updated Jun 17

My first wattpad story ,may contain grammar errors and so forth. so Please FORGIVE ME I'M NOT PERFECT 

"Who do you belong to kitten? " Greyson,asked me 

"You Daddy" I purred back,smiling as I heard him groan

"Princess,Do you have any idea how you make me feel?" 

"I can only imagine" I said before walking away,making sure I shaked my hips

Meet Skylar Mist, a 19 yr ,feisty yet happy weird girl. Who shows a calm happy outside exterior to her friends. But what they don't know is she's actual depressed and feels alone.And just wants to be loved

Meet Greyson Wolf, a 22 yr, who radiates Dominance and control. And doesn't stand for any disobedience. He's always serious and possessive,rarely smiling. But the answer everybody wants to know is ,who is he deep down?

So what's gonna happen when these to opposites meet? Will they attract to each other like moths to a flame. Or will Skylar end up even more broken then she already is?

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HeheCakes HeheCakes Apr 20
Get Grammarly, so you know where to capitalize, punctuate, and other stuff.
untamed55 untamed55 Aug 01, 2016
meet my two hay makers bitch. No man is gonna talk to me like i'm crap
-sextingswazz -sextingswazz Jun 25, 2016
Nah bro were fighting let me put my hair up so you can catch theses hands
Awww :*( Its only the beginning of the book, and I already feel a connection to her. <3
CashtonGivesMeLife CashtonGivesMeLife Nov 20, 2016
This mother f*cker really wanna catch these hands! I'll beat his *ss then the side hoe's ass! Let's see who'll be crying like a little b*tch then?!
louisismyhedgehogson louisismyhedgehogson Aug 14, 2016
Can you please put a warning, it would be greatly appreciated for those that are triggered. ♡