A Neet for a Tutor (Sebaciel)

A Neet for a Tutor (Sebaciel)

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Ciel is a Neet, a person who is Not in Eduction, Employment, or Training. Only, he is in education, high school. He is to go to school or be kicked out of the orphanage and his parents money kept from him. All he wants is to stay home and play online games, yet his education time is extended when he is stuck with a tutor.

Sebastian is a popular social jock with a bit of a dark side. This rebel teen however is really smart and is determined to get to college. To achieve this, Sebastian takes on the job and title of tutor in an attempt to earn extra credits for college.

Will what Sebastian teach Ciel be more than just educational? Will this jock teach this Neet that there is more to life than a computer screen?

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why does everyone hate Claude? 
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“..groaned the whole time” reminded me of Tina Belcher
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