Daddy's Debt (Sample Only)

Daddy's Debt (Sample Only)

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Eden Fortae By EdenFortae Completed

**Completed on Raddish Fiction**  
 It had been years since Danica last saw her father. So many that it was as if the man had never truly existed. 

Then suddenly, he resurfaced, as careless as she remembered, offering his only daughter as payment to settle a debt. 

No stranger to being on the wrong side of the law, herself, Danica's defiance keeps her from being the obedient captive. An unwanted, growing attraction, complicating things between her and her captor. Circumstance and suspicions, proving that things aren't what they seem. When unforeseen changes are added to the equation, the situation between Danica and the supposed bad guy become much deeper than she could have ever imagined.
[This is a one shot being converted into a fully story]

  • assassin
  • betrayal
  • contract
  • death
  • debt
  • killer
  • romantic-suspense
  • sold
pop_lover2020 pop_lover2020 Jan 13, 2015
I don't have twitter or Facebook so would you be able to give notices on here too. For example, when the book will actually be released and if it will be released in the UK? 
SandiQuirozMagdaleno SandiQuirozMagdaleno Nov 25, 2014
can't wait I like to buy books so hopefully there will be one:)
EdenFortae EdenFortae Nov 22, 2014
@Mocity_Brook Price not yet set, but definitely no need to worry about that. The book will be more that 20 chapters. Bordering if not more than 70k words.
Mocity_Brook Mocity_Brook Nov 22, 2014
how much will it cost? And how many chapters will it be? Asking cause one time I literally bought a book for 4$ with only 5 chapters
EdenFortae EdenFortae Jun 25, 2014
@AlphaAbyss This comment would have been really nice if it were without an advertisement.
desertedd desertedd Apr 04, 2014
Please keep going :) I love it terribly and I really wanna see more, even if it isn't a  happily ever after book