A different meeting..

A different meeting..

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mccapsk By mccapsk Updated Jun 04, 2016

I do not owe these characters, I will not make money off this. These characters belong to C. L. Stone, which I'm so jealous about, but love her books!

This fan fiction is when Sang doesn't meet the boys until the first day of Ashley Water. 
She's not in the academy. 
She still has a life of hell. 
But why it change when she meets the guys, or will she push them away?
She also has many, many hidden talents up her sleeve. 

There is mature scenes, so if your not old enough for it, don't read, because I'll be pissed if I get reported for having sexual content on here. 

I have another fan fiction. Check it out if you don't like this. 
Sang, a different person..

LOVE YOU GUYS! Thanks if you don't read anyways!

nerd-girl- nerd-girl- Jan 27, 2016
I'm confused and intrigued. I can tell this is going to be good. ;P
CharlotteCarol CharlotteCarol Jul 07, 2015
Love this. It is really good. I can't wait to see what happens next! :)
butterflykk butterflykk Jul 07, 2015
love all your stories!! I can't wait for more!!!  please update soon I'll be a good girl!
Someone_named_me Someone_named_me Jul 07, 2015
It is amazing. Just starting out and seems like it'll be one of the best.
Academygirl568 Academygirl568 Jul 07, 2015
I love it and I'm not surprised because I love all your work!!!:)
LakeBookReviews LakeBookReviews Jul 07, 2015
Grr wattpad is being dumb! Love the story. Who is the guy in her dream? Why does she have to do the classes and not Marie? Will she please take care of her mother at some point?