Scarlett Rose the reject

Scarlett Rose the reject

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Alexandra By RomanianPlum Updated Aug 08

Scarlett Rose was sixteen years old and once the omega of one of the strongest packs in the world,the MoonStone's, she is their slave and punching bag, she gets abused both physically and mentally

Today was the future alpha's 18 birthday not only that but he gets to find his mate his others half but when he finds out she is his mate he doesn't want her so he rejects her and she runs away (typical right)   

She is then found by the strongest pack known as the silver shadows when Rogues were fighting her and Rebecca. Four years later her old pack gets attacked by rouges and seek their help, she returns to where her worst nightmares once took her.

But not as the same old pathetic, weak little omega she once was she is now transformed into a badass Luna not only that, now she has also moved on and she is a Hybrid. She is not the same little girl they used to beat. Rebecca and Rose will make them pay for what they did to them. 

btw its not your typical werewolf reject story.

This Marvelous book cover Wolfies was made by @PurpleAJ

I usually LOVE werewolf rejects but I will give this a chance
What's the point of reading the story now? I hate when this happens. Why do you have to have such a good summary?
good, i hate it when the girl ends up forgiving the mate that rejected her, like no, do you remember what they did
I am a WOLFIE EVERYBODY DO the happy dance with me 🙆🙆🙆
coco1152 coco1152 Jan 26
Lol it says not you typical reject wolf story but the description is the same as 100 other reject wolf book I admit there could be a few differences but it's is typical and not rare at all
TheBibliobibuli TheBibliobibuli Dec 30, 2015
I feel like this chapter is the equivalent of a run-on sentence. I think you should look it over.