Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs

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A fun book with all the zodiac signs! Hope you enjoy what your sign gets/does!

This is not 100% accurate so please don't get mad c:

I'm a Capricorn ♑️.

NOT ALL WERE BY ME SOME WERE FOUND ON TUMBLR!!! If you find a chapter that you created AND can prove that you created it, then I'll be happy to remove or give credit (wattpad or tumblr) on that chapter. Please PM me if this is the case.

Thanks to @Lemons17 for the cover!

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boca-bae boca-bae Oct 23
Oh ummm I'm more of a pool person
                              But if it counts I'm going to the beach right now
Capricorns are awsome but id rather be a unicorn guess im gonna have to stick to being a Capricorn.
boca-bae boca-bae Oct 23
Yea sure ☺️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️
Cry_A_River Cry_A_River Aug 22
Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. I hate the ocean. I hate the lil, mean, scary critters in there. When you have watched many shark movies, you don't want to go in the sea anymore. Even when you have watched Sharknado many, many times and even when the sharks are in the sky, not the sea.