(Rolu°•° Rogue x Lucy )

(Rolu°•° Rogue x Lucy )

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VampireHunter2780 yah i made this story cause vamp said so.


Rogue and I have met in the park i was swinging not to much but i was crying. He stood in front of me and asked me. I said it was okay then he stared at me.

"Hey Rogue are you ok?"i ask poking hes cheek.

"Umm yeah..."he said coming back to reality.

"It's kinda creepy if you keep staring at me like that"i say.

"Well i... ummm"he didn't know what to say how cute.

"You're cute Rogue"i say smiling but poking hes cheek for blushing.

"Lucy you're cute too you know"he said poking my cheek now. I knew i was blushing but he had to tease me?

"Rogue"i said.

"yeah?"he asked.

"It's starting to rain"i said as a drop fail on hes face.

"Well i think we should head back to the inn's"he said.

"I don't want to head back. Well not with Natsu"i said.

"Why not?"he asked.

"It hurts me to see him with Lisanna"i said. Now my hair was all wet.

"You like Natsu?"he asked.

"No i like some one else now"i said smiling.

"May i know w...

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Ayame_Tsuki Ayame_Tsuki Aug 22, 2017
Its funny theres other dragon slayers and he  said Stingy bee😹 he's so cute though!
Ryuukichii Ryuukichii Jul 18, 2017
I know how you feel Author. I'm pretty bad at writing lemons but I'm so good at reading them... 😂😂😂
MelodiePhoenix MelodiePhoenix Nov 12, 2017
Same Ryuuki-Senpai I am a little sad but what every makes you happy
                              sorry lemon me I failed you
boccowitch boccowitch Dec 18, 2016
I only use it for the mature stories that I never publish XD
smannan252 smannan252 Feb 26, 2016
Good job looking forward to update can you tag me so I know when the next chappy is coming cuz right now Im reading over 50+ fanfics