The Bad Boys and The Tomboy (COMPLETED)

The Bad Boys and The Tomboy (COMPLETED)

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Katie By Katyrules Completed

Alice Avery lives in a society where every girl must wear mini skirts and unbelievably high heels. Where girls are bimbos and guys are Greek Gods. So how does a tomboy fit in this situation? And where are the bad boys? 

Alice Avery is a tomboy. She loves to skateboard and hates gossip. She hates skirts, dresses, make up, and drama. She speaks up for herself and has not seen people due to being homeschooled all of her life. How will she take it when her senior year is spent in a public school filled with bimbos, jocks, and bad boys? What if she ends up living next to the bad boys? Oh jeez....

Now, for the bad boys. The Three Musketeers are the baddest boys in school. But no girls there are good enough to be their girlfriends. No matter how slutty they're willing to be. But Alice is different.

The Three Musketeers are more dangerous than many people know but the people they work for are even worse. What happens when Alice gets mixed up in their crazy mess? 

Secrets will be revealed. Love will be in the air. Guns will be fired. Lives will be lost.

(This book is currently being edited. There are many mistakes.)

Hey this is a really interesting plot I cant wait to read more😀😀
Oh plz no main character should die at the end of the story .....,
Finally a story about a girl with not to much makeup and doesn't cry all the time 🙏🏼🙏🏼👏👏
Me seriously Ive been homeschooled sense last year I love skateboarding and I'm a tomboy😂😂😂
msliyahp msliyahp Aug 27
Gun will be fired.....lives will be lost😭😭 i can already see myself getting emotional in the near future
Is it weird right before this thing I forgot what this is called but My fam and me heard a gun firing and a scream so ya this reminded me of that