Unconquerable (Lesbian Stories)

Unconquerable (Lesbian Stories)

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 No. 1 | Reroute My Life 

I took a deep breath as I sat on the locker room bench staring down the back of my jersey. I read my name and number over and over.

"Mason ; 3, Mason ; 3, Mason ; 3, Mason ; 3. Your the leader Jordyn. Lead them." I said giving myself a pre-game pep talk. 

"Hey Jay, Game Time" my bestfriend Leilani called out from the other side of the lockers. I took a another deep breath, put on my jersey and tied up my hair. I walked out and met my girlfriend, Casey. She gave me a hug and kiss and prayed with me. Reality had not completely hit me yet. I'm the number 1 guard in Texas, team captain I have the most beautiful girl in the world by my side, and I'm about to embark on the biggest and last championship game of my high school basketball career. Its my senior year, I am Jordyn Mason.


Time was slowed down and for the moment all I could hear was beat of my own heart and the basketball hitting the Pinewood floor over and over. I look up to see the girl I'm guard...

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Ajaay_Skittles Ajaay_Skittles Aug 27, 2015
I'm glad her n her gf broke up... sneaky bitch. but it don't seen like Jordyn thinks of her best friend, as more than her best friend yet, so maybe take thongs slow.  . if u were planning on them being together
Zackery123 Zackery123 Aug 27, 2015
I think Jordyn and to go with her bff they . And i glad that she broke up with that thing she call a girlfriend
HersheyJ HersheyJ Aug 27, 2015
I was so waiting for them to break up.  Lil bih trifling af. Like  1 you lied 2 you cheated and 3 with a man. Aint  no coming back for  you.  Bye Casey.  Awww best friend  love. lol
Ajaay_Skittles Ajaay_Skittles Aug 22, 2015
the book dope asf. I can't wait to see where it leads to. that Casey girl shady asf ~.~ but update!!!!
omoovoxo omoovoxo Aug 21, 2015
Yessss Baaaybbeee!  ❤ lmaoo I can tell I'm so going to dig this book. Great job, the details, you're grammar, the references. Just God bless the book, it's perfect. And, this is only the first chapter. Ah, God update soon my dear. I fucks with you & this book. ❤ lmao