Thirteenth {{Haikyuu!! X OC}}

Thirteenth {{Haikyuu!! X OC}}

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"She didn't need anyone, yet she was drowning in the words she didn't speak."

The 14 year old prodigy came to Japan, vowing never to be involved in any sports. She oddly couldn't stand it.

Yoshida Ren transferred late, but not too late, just like any other high school student around... but she had a secret.

Becoming an accessory to the volleyball team, Ren starts to become attached to the sport that broke her. What can she do about this? Will her perspective of Volleyball change? But, bit by bit, as she gets closer to Karasuno's Volleyball Club, things get a little complicated.

And she's the reason of it all...

All rights reserved to Haruichi Furudate for the Haikyuu!! characters.

I own my OCs and the cover art.

Sequel: The Eleventh Memory

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Sashababy09 Sashababy09 Aug 17
Archer: Phrasing! 
                              Me: Agreed! 
                              Both: I thought we were done with that!
So based on these comments...seems I'm gonna cry huh? Oh no...
Haru2468 Haru2468 Jul 05
Lol america is diverse everyone gets along depending on looks, interest/hobbies, personality etc no one outcast people because of ethnicity, they get scared being called racist 😂
chummy_32 chummy_32 Aug 25
I literally bowed and said sorry looking at a book that fell than the person. I was a laughing joke for some time... my friends told the whole school, I felt like killing them...
But they sat separately... the lamppost was like seated on the other side of the room
I read that as "I'll look like complete b oner"
                              What is wrong with me
                              Forgive me Jisoos,  for I have sinned