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ill never your side again (natsu x reader)

ill never your side again (natsu x reader)

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happy_fish1 By happy_fish1 Completed

(Y/N) look!! I turn to see what my best friend Roco was telling me to look at. "What is it?" I said. As I said that Roco picked me up and flew me to thee nearest tower."What was that for?" I asked with concern."IT'S THEM!! He said. As I turned my head to the direction Roco pointed, I saw the five of them Erza,Gray,blonde haired girl,Happy andNatsu. 
                                        My heart was filled with excitement but sorrow. "Roco I want you to take me to them". I instead. "(Y/N) wait, think about this real quick we've been gone for 6 years, don't you think they'll get mad at us, I mean I miss them to but think about it." "Roco, we're family they won't get mad please take me I need to see them!" "Fine I'll take you."
                                     Roco picked me up are flew towards them. We landed right behind them in a market. I was excited my heart was beating so much I couldn't help it I came out of the market and ran towards him. (Y/N)!! "WAIT!!" Roco yelled. As so...

NekoLoverKawaii NekoLoverKawaii Jul 13, 2016
*reads they have to get rid of giant worm*
                              ITS A ALASKAN BULL WORM!!
Craftygamer Craftygamer Nov 23, 2016
We all know hes gonna throw up so why the heck im i blushing (not to give any hate i love the book so far)
I mean, I really hate when they make (Y/N) all that and a super powerful dragon slayer, or something stupid like elemental/heaven dragon slayer. But this isn't too bad, actually. I'm okay with earth.
XXxxerrorsister XXxxerrorsister Oct 15, 2016
The title) you mean I'll never"LEAVE" your side Right (no harm)😃
queen-ofconfusion queen-ofconfusion Dec 31, 2015
OK so I am just reading a book and flip and the recommendation thing pops up and I see the title of the book.
                              Lie. He gonna leave to go get me some fuckin starbucks
happy_fish1 happy_fish1 Jul 07, 2015
thank you guys if you guys didn't like it I'll try to make it better and make more chapters❤